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  Subscription to the association is required by filling im a form dated and signed by hand by the person who intends to enroll, but he may can be requested even by letter dated and signed, as long as it is openly declared to share the social values and accept the statute, rules of procedure and decisions legitimately taken by governing bodies.
For the purposes of the reporting requirements on privacy under Italian law, the applicant for registration must be required to sign for acknowledgment and acceptance of the Regulation on publicity of elective offices of the association and registration.
At the time of the registration request, the applicant must submit a photocopy of a valid ID document.
The payment of the subscriprion fee is not required to be operated prior acceptance of the application, however, it is necessary to be officially subscribed, and therefore must be paid without delay after the acceptance of the application.


    The President and the Secretary may decide the admission of a new member in a simplified way if the Board has not already schedulled a meeting and there is no doubt about the requirements of the new subscriber.
If the President or the Secretary has choosen the simplified procedure, it is sufficient dated and signed consent of half plus one of the directors affixed directly on request or by fax, letter or certified mail


    The member is obliged to promptly notify if he/she is in conditions of incompatibility with membership of board even where, at the time of enrollment or come and determining incompatibility, are not in sight internal elections.
The member who changes his/her residence and domicile has the obligation to notify without delay to the Board.


    If it is received a request for subscription from a place where the Association has no offices, the eventual approval of the request for membership by the Board, is made inserting the new member in the mail office even if they have already been formed in the meantime more nearby offices, unless the person does not explicitly requests in a different way.
If the applicant so requests insertion into another office, the Board may proceed with the registration at the headquarters only with due provision challenged by the applicant within 30 days before the Assembly which is to decide listening also the Vice President of the  detached office.
If there are members of the Association members in considerably distant locations from the office of the Association, the President has responsibility to ensure by all possible means active participation in social life.
For organizational and technical aspects may be refused the application for membership of a person not resident in places where the association has its headquarters, without providing additional motivation, in case the applicant can provide evidence of being able to understand and communicate in Italian or English . However if a person is admitted despite the inability to use these languages in view of the fact that a member of the board knows other languages and can provide communications, any supervening communication difficulty is not sufficient cause for his subsequent exclusion and burden Board to continue to ensure the full participation of the member activity.


It may be elected to the Board any memberswho at the time of the election have reached eighteen years of age, except those members who are to be found in the situations described in the third paragraph of this Article.
The members of the Board that during the three years in charge are to find in one of the situations described in the third paragraph of this Article shall resign immediately.
It is not compatible with the election for President or Deputy President who is in the board of directors of another organization with similar aims in a role involving the external representation of the organization. It is not compatible with the election to the Executive Board members of the judiciary, who serves in the police or army, as well as who is member of a state institutions with legislative power. It is also incompatible with executive offices in the observatory belonging to the clergy of any faith.
It may be due considered cause of incompatibility to be employees of multinational companies that may operate against human rights and the environment as belonging to any institution or company brought to the attention of the Observatory. In the latter case, the incompatibility may, however, in the Assembly opinion, lead to a simple duty of abstention.
Underage members and members belonging to the clergy of a religious denomination, although they can not be elected in the Board of Directors, can enjoy the specially prominent roles within the organization in accordance with the provisions of the Statute.


The Constitutive General Meeting decides that the membership fee is set at € 24.In this regard the Assembly precises that the fee has to be considered by calendar year, with the exception of the years 2016-2017. In consideration of the date of establishment of the Association, in fact, the Constitutive Assembly provides that fees paid for the last few months of 2016 also cover registration for all 2017.


FOR FURTHER INFOS AND SUBSCRIPTIONS: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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